hey there stranger.

Wow the last few months have been crazy busy.  After my 30 day challenge (which I did finish!) I was off to a my home state for a wedding.  Ever since then I have had visitors and have been  trying to recuperate from all the traveling and company.  It’s now May and I am recommitting myself to WW.  Today it begins.

I was at a reunion this past weekend with friends from college.  I was a ball of knots before going, knowing that I had gained weight since college.  I had convinced myself that that and the fact that I didn’t have a boyfriend to speak of made me a failure.  The thing is though, I am happy with my life, with my career and my friends.  I have been doing so many fun new things since I moved that I care barely keep up with myself.  I know that it is old insecurities that gave me such anxiety.  I had a fun weekend, but I just didn’t feel comfortable in my own skin.  Then all the pictures were uploaded…

It was rough, I did not look how I wanted to look.  My hair and makeup were on point, but from the neck down I was depressed.  So I’m making a change and am determined to actually follow the WW this week.  I am going to take it one week at a time.  Wish me luck.


jazz it up.


I must have gone crazy but I have decided to participate in the 35 Day Challenge.  Which means I will be going to 30 hour long Jazzercise classes in 35 days.  Here we go.

idle hands will eat.

Here is my new plan to prevent my idle hands from picking up food:

I have decided to set a schedule.  I won’t eat unless the correct time has come for it.

8-9am: Breakfast

10am: Snack Time

1pm : Snack Time

4pm: Snack Time

7pm: Dinner Time

I have set reminders set in my phone for each of these. I will report back in a week to see how this goes.

H vs. Cabin Fever

So Sunday night I noticed I had contracted Pink Eye… yeah yeah I know gross.  Unfortunately this is a normal thing for me.  My eyes have gotten infected more often than I would like, they are just too damn sensitive.  This is after I didn’t have a very active weekend.  Friday I went out to card game night at a friends house, which was my one social endeavor for the weekend.  Saturday I ran a bunch of errands to re-decorate my living room.  It was finally time to take down my Christmas decorations.  I am a firm believer in filling the space around you with pretty things to look at.  If your surroundings are nice it will always elevate your mood even just a little bit.  My living room is now exactly how I have wanted it since I moved in!  I have a few more projects in the works and when I have money and time I will share 🙂  Sunday I went hiking with M and spent the rest of the day being lazy.  Then it happened… my eyes decided to suck.

I went to Urgent Care Monday morning and was given medicine and I couldn’t go to work for 2 days.  After spending probably 70% of the weekend alone and in my apartment I was not at all happy to find I had to continue that for 2 days.  People need human contact and to not be restricted, that’s just common sense.  Yesterday I was dealing with being sick and the doctors, which is never fun, and the fact that my weekly plan was askew.  It wasn’t pretty, I ate terribly and was sluggish and miserable.  This resulted in me laying in my bed late at night not being able to sleep because I felt so guilty over my terrible day and there was a significant amount of self-hate happening.  I know I know it just wasn’t good, but everyone has their bad days.

Today was a lot better.  I woke up with a determination.  I have been moving around all day.  That very well may be a restlessness from being so cooped up.  I went for a walk/run in the beautiful 70 degree sunny weather.  I made healthy food choices.  I did chores around the house.  I cleaned out my car.  This experience has shown me that no matter what the situation it’s how you look at it that matters.  If you are stuck somewhere, what can you do to stay productive and not go crazy of boredom?  Motivation needs to be found daily in order to keep going in the correct direction.

join a book club. done.

One of the goals I set out to accomplish in 2015 was to join a book club.  Lucky enough I received an email last week from my apartment complex and they were starting one! How awesome is that, now I just have to walk over to the clubhouse, so easy.

The first meeting was this past Tuesday.  It was only supposed to be an hour but we had such a great conversation going we ended up staying and chatting for twice that.  The turnout ended up being 6 women.  Each of us are from completely different walks of life, but have one thing in common, we live in the same complex.  Well two, we obviously all love to read.  Each of us had a reason for joining besides the books and it was wonderful learning all about these women.  The one who formed the group was such an upbeat person and just seemed happy.  She’s slightly older and I found out her POS ex-husband had an affair and they divorced then she was diagnosed with Cancer.  She is a survivor and it was amazing to hear just the tip of the ice burg I’m sure of her life story and just admire her for her independence and strength.  Another woman had to move hundreds of miles from home to keep her job after her husband was laid off and is now living in a small one-bedroom apartment by herself while her hubby stays home looking for a new position.  Just being able to meet with these women and discuss our lives, learning more about them and their journeys inspires me to be independent and live life to the fullest, always making the best of any situation.  Each of them is living alone, each for a very different reason, and it just proves that being alone never means being unhappy.  Being alone can be filled with adventures and friendship as long as you step out of  your comfort zone every now and then.  Go out and pursue a new activity, group, or club that interests you and I can promise your life will improve in one way or another.

I’m beyond glad I decided to join this group because if it continues like the first meeting, it will be so much more than just reading and discussing various books.



Most people say “New Year, New Me” but the new me has been in progress for years now. Going from one day to the next can’t completely change a person. There will still be ups and downs, steps forward and set backs. The true progress is being able to move through the bad days to create more good days. Today I sat and read through a bunch of magazines that had articles on how to make the next year the best it can be. But it’s all the same that most people know. Go after what you want, take more time for yourself, eat better, work out more. Everyone knows these things can make your life better, but when it comes to the day-to-day lifestyle it’s hard to see the long goals and opt for the instant gratification of the fast-food drive thru rather than going home and spending an hour in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal. After reading through these articles I made myself a “2015 Goals” List, I choose to not call them resolutions as they are things I’m not changing but things I’m working towards.

Honestly though, at a high level my goal is just to do better. Although, do better as a goal is something that is not really an attainable or tangible goal. So I created a list of specifics. An example is I want to join a book club and I want to try a new fitness class. My list is about 10 items that are all specific and attainable. The entire purpose of this blog is to get out there and try new things that I want to do whether or not someone will partake in the adventure with me, and this year I plan to do that and more. This week I am actually going to a book club meeting at my apartment complex for the first time. I hope to be able to meet some new people and get to read some new exciting books. I will report back on that soon 🙂

I have placed my list of goals in bright colors right on the back of my front door next to my calendar so that I will see it everyday and will have no excuses to not remember what I am committing myself to.

Here’s to a whole new year of adventures and new experiences!

P.S. Holidays were crazy busy as I went home for 2 weeks, and was incredibly unhealthy but got to see all my friends and family that I missed so dearly. I will continue with my fitbit results next week.

fitbit stats for week of dec 8th

I’ve decided to start listing out my fitbit weekly progress reports to remain accountable and compare myself to the previous week.

At the moment the 2 main goals I look to accomplish daily are 10,000 steps and 80oz of water.

Here is what happened the week of Dec 8:

Total Steps: 48,563
Daily Average: 6,938
Best Day: 12,919

Total Distance: 20.36 Miles
Daily Average: 2.91 Miles
Best Day: 5.41 Miles

Weight: Up 0.2lb

Average Sleep Duration: 7hr 58min
Average Times Awakened: 14
Average Time to Fall Asleep: 13min

Most Active Day: Thursday
Least Active Day: Saturday

Goals for this week:
– Increase my daily average to above 7,000 (I will be spending 12 hours in a car, which may very well hinder my steps this week)

Also, it’s the holidays so I set realistic goals. I don’t plan on losing weight, I plan to not gain any more than 5 lbs before the new year. Throughout the month of December I enjoy all the wonderfulness that comes with Holiday Parties and Festive Baking, then do my best to not make unnecessary unhealthy choices.