I am a 24 year old female and I have learned a lot over the past couple years, since graduating from college, about being happy on my own and not letting anyone hold me back.  Recently though I have lost track of my motivation and am looking to find it again. These posts are going to be more for me than anything else as I want to live my life to the fullest and I am hoping writing things down and working through everything will help me find myself again.  Not to mention I am a very opinionated person so I intend to let some of that out on here 😉

Firstly, I am a web developer and love my job, I thoroughly enjoy solving puzzles. I am a very Type-A personality and am all about my logic, organization and efficiency.  When I am not on my computer I can either be 1. watching the many many TV shows I love or 2. outside going on as many adventures as possible no matter how big or small.

I love to read books and watch a lot of TV, I have realized this is almost escapism for me as my favorite genre is fantasy and I want to indulge in something that is no where near real-life, I want to escape for a little while.  It’s certainly possible you will see some reviews from me on here.

My favorite place in the entire world is on the lake.  I love the simplicity of it.  I also love the adventures you can have like flying over the water on a jetski looking at the sky with nothing holding you back.  Being outside is so freeing, going on a hike, breathing in the fresh air, it really heals the soul.

Finally, I am slowly navigating my way back to being healthy again.  I am at my happiest when I’m active and eating healthy.  A new adventure can be as small as trying a new recipe.  Currently at the heaviest weight I have ever been I am working towards regaining my clean eating and exercise without practicing any self loathing.  It’s okay to love yourself and still strive for progress.

My posts may seem random and cover a wide variety of topics but to me they will hopefully become a map towards a better understanding of who I am, self love and acceptance.


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