H vs. Cabin Fever

So Sunday night I noticed I had contracted Pink Eye… yeah yeah I know gross.  Unfortunately this is a normal thing for me.  My eyes have gotten infected more often than I would like, they are just too damn sensitive.  This is after I didn’t have a very active weekend.  Friday I went out to card game night at a friends house, which was my one social endeavor for the weekend.  Saturday I ran a bunch of errands to re-decorate my living room.  It was finally time to take down my Christmas decorations.  I am a firm believer in filling the space around you with pretty things to look at.  If your surroundings are nice it will always elevate your mood even just a little bit.  My living room is now exactly how I have wanted it since I moved in!  I have a few more projects in the works and when I have money and time I will share 🙂  Sunday I went hiking with M and spent the rest of the day being lazy.  Then it happened… my eyes decided to suck.

I went to Urgent Care Monday morning and was given medicine and I couldn’t go to work for 2 days.  After spending probably 70% of the weekend alone and in my apartment I was not at all happy to find I had to continue that for 2 days.  People need human contact and to not be restricted, that’s just common sense.  Yesterday I was dealing with being sick and the doctors, which is never fun, and the fact that my weekly plan was askew.  It wasn’t pretty, I ate terribly and was sluggish and miserable.  This resulted in me laying in my bed late at night not being able to sleep because I felt so guilty over my terrible day and there was a significant amount of self-hate happening.  I know I know it just wasn’t good, but everyone has their bad days.

Today was a lot better.  I woke up with a determination.  I have been moving around all day.  That very well may be a restlessness from being so cooped up.  I went for a walk/run in the beautiful 70 degree sunny weather.  I made healthy food choices.  I did chores around the house.  I cleaned out my car.  This experience has shown me that no matter what the situation it’s how you look at it that matters.  If you are stuck somewhere, what can you do to stay productive and not go crazy of boredom?  Motivation needs to be found daily in order to keep going in the correct direction.


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