join a book club. done.

One of the goals I set out to accomplish in 2015 was to join a book club.  Lucky enough I received an email last week from my apartment complex and they were starting one! How awesome is that, now I just have to walk over to the clubhouse, so easy.

The first meeting was this past Tuesday.  It was only supposed to be an hour but we had such a great conversation going we ended up staying and chatting for twice that.  The turnout ended up being 6 women.  Each of us are from completely different walks of life, but have one thing in common, we live in the same complex.  Well two, we obviously all love to read.  Each of us had a reason for joining besides the books and it was wonderful learning all about these women.  The one who formed the group was such an upbeat person and just seemed happy.  She’s slightly older and I found out her POS ex-husband had an affair and they divorced then she was diagnosed with Cancer.  She is a survivor and it was amazing to hear just the tip of the ice burg I’m sure of her life story and just admire her for her independence and strength.  Another woman had to move hundreds of miles from home to keep her job after her husband was laid off and is now living in a small one-bedroom apartment by herself while her hubby stays home looking for a new position.  Just being able to meet with these women and discuss our lives, learning more about them and their journeys inspires me to be independent and live life to the fullest, always making the best of any situation.  Each of them is living alone, each for a very different reason, and it just proves that being alone never means being unhappy.  Being alone can be filled with adventures and friendship as long as you step out of  your comfort zone every now and then.  Go out and pursue a new activity, group, or club that interests you and I can promise your life will improve in one way or another.

I’m beyond glad I decided to join this group because if it continues like the first meeting, it will be so much more than just reading and discussing various books.


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