Most people say “New Year, New Me” but the new me has been in progress for years now. Going from one day to the next can’t completely change a person. There will still be ups and downs, steps forward and set backs. The true progress is being able to move through the bad days to create more good days. Today I sat and read through a bunch of magazines that had articles on how to make the next year the best it can be. But it’s all the same that most people know. Go after what you want, take more time for yourself, eat better, work out more. Everyone knows these things can make your life better, but when it comes to the day-to-day lifestyle it’s hard to see the long goals and opt for the instant gratification of the fast-food drive thru rather than going home and spending an hour in the kitchen to cook a healthy meal. After reading through these articles I made myself a “2015 Goals” List, I choose to not call them resolutions as they are things I’m not changing but things I’m working towards.

Honestly though, at a high level my goal is just to do better. Although, do better as a goal is something that is not really an attainable or tangible goal. So I created a list of specifics. An example is I want to join a book club and I want to try a new fitness class. My list is about 10 items that are all specific and attainable. The entire purpose of this blog is to get out there and try new things that I want to do whether or not someone will partake in the adventure with me, and this year I plan to do that and more. This week I am actually going to a book club meeting at my apartment complex for the first time. I hope to be able to meet some new people and get to read some new exciting books. I will report back on that soon 🙂

I have placed my list of goals in bright colors right on the back of my front door next to my calendar so that I will see it everyday and will have no excuses to not remember what I am committing myself to.

Here’s to a whole new year of adventures and new experiences!

P.S. Holidays were crazy busy as I went home for 2 weeks, and was incredibly unhealthy but got to see all my friends and family that I missed so dearly. I will continue with my fitbit results next week.


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