fitbit stats for week of dec 8th

I’ve decided to start listing out my fitbit weekly progress reports to remain accountable and compare myself to the previous week.

At the moment the 2 main goals I look to accomplish daily are 10,000 steps and 80oz of water.

Here is what happened the week of Dec 8:

Total Steps: 48,563
Daily Average: 6,938
Best Day: 12,919

Total Distance: 20.36 Miles
Daily Average: 2.91 Miles
Best Day: 5.41 Miles

Weight: Up 0.2lb

Average Sleep Duration: 7hr 58min
Average Times Awakened: 14
Average Time to Fall Asleep: 13min

Most Active Day: Thursday
Least Active Day: Saturday

Goals for this week:
– Increase my daily average to above 7,000 (I will be spending 12 hours in a car, which may very well hinder my steps this week)

Also, it’s the holidays so I set realistic goals. I don’t plan on losing weight, I plan to not gain any more than 5 lbs before the new year. Throughout the month of December I enjoy all the wonderfulness that comes with Holiday Parties and Festive Baking, then do my best to not make unnecessary unhealthy choices.


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